Lieuwe Kingma

Dutch artist Lieuwe Kingma brings a fresh, contemporary approach to still life with his vigorous technique. His paintings are large in scale and expressive in content, employing broad brush strokes, lively Mediterranean colors and bold contrasts in texture. He draws inspiration from the influences of the Impressionists and Post-impressionists, as well as such Dutch Modern masters as Mondrian. Born in 1957, Kingma has exhibited in Belgium, Monoco, Norway and France and in numerous galleries in his native Holland.

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"Vase with Blue Hydrangeas"
Oil on Canvas
46" x 40"



"Vase with White Peonies"
Oil on Canvas
46" x 40"


Alexander Barthasevich

Alexander Barthasevich was born in Belarus in 1966 and was educated at the Institute for Art and Theatre in Minsk, where his passion for still life and landscape evolved. Painted with a delicate texture in a soft palette of graduated colors, his compositions are harmonious and balanced, uniting sinuous shapes and straight lines. They portray quiet moments frozen in time that reveal in their eloquent details - a ray of light, a pile of fallen leaves - the ephemeral nature of life. Barthasevich exhibits in The Netherlands, Germany and Russia.







"Still Life with Lilacs"
Oil on Canvas


Alexei Ravski

Alexei Ravski unites landscape painting with the art of the surreal in his dramatic, large-format compositions. Meticulous in technique, they are marked by a striking use of perspective that invites the viewer to step into the fantasy. The paintings often portray elegant formal gardens peopled with mysterious performers who float in mid-air, carried away perhaps by the sound of music. Born in 1961, Ravski exhibits in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, the United States, Belarus and his native Russia. His work is included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in Minsk.







Oil on Canvas
35" x 45"


Daniel Gelis

Characterized by their soft, translucent colors and dream-like atmosphere, the paintings of Daniel Gelis embody the poetic spirit of the French School. Gelis was born in France in 1942 and had his first solo exhibition in Paris in 1969. He has since exhibited in galleries and museums across France, as well as in Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, The United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Tahiti and Singapore. Gelis is a recipient of the Medal of Gold for French Artists.






"Spring Flower Market"
Oil on Canvas
30" x 30"



"The Dessert Table"
Oil on Canvas
26" x 32"


Janis Maleckis

Born in Latvia in 1957, Janis Maleckis holds degrees in both music and art. Her expressive paintings of still life reveal her passion for music through their rhythm and balance. Each composition is marked by high notes sounded in bright spots of color or accents of white. Known for her distinctive use of color, she draws inspiration from the work of the impressionists as she creates paintings that are flecked with light. Maleckis exhibits in galleries in Belgium and Latvia, and simultaneously maintains an active international schedule as a concert pianist.





"Red Poppies"
Oil on Canvas
31" x 24"


Andrei Zadorine

Andrei Zadorine draws inspiration from childhood memories as he creates evocative paintings uniting the real and the imaginary. Working in an earthy palette of brown, gold and auburn, Zadorine is known for his dramatic use of light and shadow, his richly textured surfaces, and the dreamlike atmosphere of his compositions. His paintings are included in the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, one of the most respected museums in the former Soviet Union. Zadorine was born in Belarus in 1960 and now lives in The Netherlands, exhibiting across Europe and The United States.








"Flowers for Mother"
Oil on Canvas
52" x 64"


Vladimir Hadarovich

The paintings of Vladimir Hadarovich are typically small in format, portraying intimate landscapes and scenes of flowers and fruits that pay tribute to the beauty and simplicity of country life. Born in Russia in 1947, Hadarovich was educated at the Belarussian Institute for Art and Theatre, where he subsequently taught landscape painting and still-life to a new generation of artists. He exhibits in Russia, Poland, Belarus, Germany, The Netherlands and the United States. A respected painter, his work is included in the collections of the National Art Museum of Belarus and the Museum of Modern Art in Minsk.




Oil on Canvas
25" x 21"

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